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1992, Welsh/POA cross.

Quinn is just ornery enough to teach you something. She is one in a million, her students range from leadline to advanced adults. She enjoys arena and field work, and excels at mounted games.

Fudge (O'Fudge)

1991, Shire/Thoroughbred cross

Over 20 years under saddle and still going strong, Fudge loves to challenge her students. Perfect for more advanced students, she will teach you how to fine tune your riding skills. Fudge enjoys schooling over fences and galloping the fields.

Lefty (Left On Base)

2004, Thoroughbred

A retired racehorse who's motto is "slow and steady." Lefty joined our herd in 2013 from CANTER Ohio. In true thoroughbred fashion Lefty aims to please. Whether he is teaching a new student the art of patience or having fun with a more advanced one, Lefty never skips a beat. He lives for attention and cookies. Lots of cookies.

Vic (Victory at Midway)

2005, Thoroughbred

Vic is Val's sport horse, and not available for lessons.
Vic found Val in 2012. She was looking for an eventing prospect for herself from CANTER Ohio when Vic's fiery personality caught her eye. Affectionately referred to as "the dragon," Vic continues to surprise us with his athleticism and bravery. Vic enjoys going out on trails, learning new things and hiding his shoes from Val.
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Updated 07/02/2017